Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

I know there are a lot of folks out there who think cleaning is rather easy and wondered why they should pay someone else to clean for them. The truth is that cleaning is not as easy as it looks. A majority of people may know how to clean but how many actually have the time to do so. Various studies have shown that more and more of us struggle to incorporate cleaning and house chores into our hectic work and social commitments. If you are a busy person or run an office, then you will realize that there is only so much you can fit into a 24 hour day. Even when you are able to fit cleaning into your hectic schedule, you would soon realize that you need more than a regular vacuum cleaner and a couple of regular cleaning products to do a good job. Often times, a lot of us merely succeeded in hiding the dirt for example DIY carpet cleaning. Your carpet may look clean on the surface but because you do not have the right industrial carpet cleaning machine to extract water and dust from the carpet completely you may end up damaging the carpet long-term and leaving dust in the carpet which is then inhaled. When you hire a good professional cleaning outfit, you are not just paying for the right kind of expertise or tools but peace of mind that the job will do the job as it should be. Here are some of the reasons why you need to hire a cleaning company:

Save Time By Concentrating On the Things That Matter To You.

As we all know time is money, most of people can’t afford to waste 3 or more hours a day/week on cleaning? Just imagine of how much you can earn per hour or the quality time you can channel towards recharging your batteries for the coming days or weeks at work. Hiring a Cleaning Company to do your cleaning will free up your time and allow you to concentrate on what you love doing the most…making money. I know for sure that most people would prefer to be involved in a lot of things other than being bogged down by household chores. You will be able give yourself and your loved ones a break from time spent scrubbing and mopping floors. Lot of cleaning companies now offer bespoke cleaning services that suit various needs, you can now book daily, weekly, bi-weekly or one- cleaning services depending on what suit you.

For those of us who like cleaning our own place or office, we would be the first to admit that there are some parts of cleaning that will do not enjoy doing. Experience has shown me that even when you do the cleaning yourself on a regular basis and your house or office may look clean on the surface but yet may not be clean from dust and dirt that have built up over time. Professional Cleaning Company with proper products and tools guarantee a high standard of cleaning that will free your buildings free from contaminates such as mold, bacteria, allergies and pollutants. They are able to apply the same level of intensity and professionalism to cleaning from start to finish.

Help Preserve Good Image.

Do you know visitors to your homes or Offices know when an office has not been cleaned by a professional cleaning company properly or not been cleaned at all. If it is a home, Families and Friends may let you know what they think but for Companies they would simply avoid doing business with you. Hiring a professional cleaning company will ensure your building portrays the right image to your Friends or to Clients and Employees if you are a Company. There are times when we just don’t just have the energy to clean after a very long day at work or simply not in the mood for house chores like cleaning. Professional cleaning services will ensure service as usual as they are able to arrange Cleaners to clean at all time. Image in business after all is everything.

Ultimately this save you money and Help You Relax.

Studies have showed that we are more motivated and productive in a clean environment and that buildings that are on a regular cleaning schedule cost less to maintain a professional cleaned and sanitized home or office with good indoor air will reduce illness and lighten mood.

Fully Vetted Staff.

From experience, some of the new Clients that we have now have had the bitter experience of picking their Cleaners from individuals advertising as Cleaners through corner shop windows. What they had experienced was that most of these people were not properly trained or fully vetted. They ended up hiring individuals they can not trust or do the job properly. Most people do not have the time to carry out all the necessary checks on their would-be cleaners. Cleaning companies would have put its Staff through criminal record checks to make sure you only get Cleaners that have been properly trained and fully vetted!

Knowing the Importance of a Facility Maintenance Program For Your Office

When you are a business owner, you would want to focus your energies in the pressing and important matters pertaining to it. Outsourcing some of the work processes is an option that you would gladly take. Because of this demand, there are many companies that offer services that you can outsource including the maintenance of the facilities of your office. You cannot avoid that there are areas in you office that show the wear and tear with its constant use.

What is a Facility Maintenance Program

A facility maintenance program is a service that you can contract if you want to take the burden of taking care of the facilities of your office. The scope of work can be limited to paint jobs to as varied as the maintenance of the whole area from the bathrooms to the parking lots.

A facility maintenance company can also offer a preventive maintenance program that will clearly benefit your office. It will help you in lowering the cost of maintenance because they can do something to prevent the further degradation of your facilities.

Benefits and Importance

The importance of a facility maintenance program is that you are assured that someone that you can trust is taking care of your office. Depending on your contract with them, they can do all the things that you do not have the time to do. They can be your ever dependable handyman that will fix your toilet, stop the links from the sink in the pantry to other things that you would not have the time and effort to fix.

Another importance of a facility maintenance program that you contract from a reputable company is that you are assured of competent and well-knowledgeable people are deployed to your office. You can always expect professionalism and work ethics in every person that they send to your office to do the job. Having a facility maintenance program can also lower your operating costs. You do not have to hire your own people to do the routine cleaning and fixing in your office. You save a lot of time and effort because you do not have to spend time finding the right people to do it for you. Instead of interviewing people for the cleaning position, you can spend it meeting prospective clients and making more business. You can also save on costs because they can identify right away the small problems that can grow big if not attended to right away.

Prevention is always the key if you want to lower your maintenance costs. You do not have to worry about making sure that all the areas of your office are in proper working condition especially those that are being used by your employees. If you hold meetings with clients in your office, you can be confident that your office is presentable

Call Corporate Facilities Management to get started with your Facility Maintenance Program

Household Cleaning Tips to Make Cleaning House Easier

I often find myself, day after day having to clean some area of the house (most often more than one) and to be frank it gets old and tiresome. It seems that we could spend our entire day cleaning the house over and over and make but little progress. Once one area is clean, by the next day it’s dirty again- talk about a headache! If you find yourself struggling from the same dilemma, what I can offer to you, that helps me to cope with the surreal reality of non-stop cleaning, are a few and very helpful cleaning tips. Hopefully these tips will help you become more organized in your own household cleaning and make your job much easier and more efficient.

1. House cleaning schedule
When I first began cleaning house, I wasn’t very organized. My cleaning wasn’t consistent, and I often found myself trying to clean the entire house in one day, which often left me drained and tired. This experience taught me to keep a house cleaning schedule. If you’d prefer not to clean the house in one day either, then this will surely help. Dedicate specific days to certain areas of the house, and to certain cleaning activities you want to get done that day. Never overwork yourself and keep your cleaning schedule realistic. Try Focusing on bathrooms on Monday, Bedrooms on Tuesday, the living room on Wednesday, and kitchen on Thursday. Or something around that general idea. Try and keep your Friday and Saturday open and save laundry for Sunday. Tailor your schedule to work for you and your own household situation for best results.

2. House cleaning checklist
Make a checklist with all of the activities you intend to get done on the days you will be cleaning, according to your cleaning schedule. You will basically be “checking off” your goals once you finish a certain area or task. Setting goals helps you to keep a constant focus and get what you want to get done, without becoming distracted. This will also serve as a visual guide so you can see just how much work you are getting done.

3. Eliminate Distractions
When it’s time to clean, it’s time to clean. Turn off cell phones; turn down home phones. Turn off computers, televisions, or anything that can cause outside disturbance to your cleaning duties. The more you become distracted the longer it will take to get the job done; cleaning is something many would rather get done a.s.a.p. so be sure to cut out any distractions.

4. Scan all areas of the house
Before you begin your cleaning duties take note of all areas of your household that need the most cleaning. Cleaning from the areas of your house that need the most attention and working your way towards the ones that need the least will ensure long-lasting cleaning efficiency.

5. Organize Cleaning Supplies
When you have your cleaning supplies nice and organized it will save you a lot of time running back and forth looking for the proper supplies. I try and keep all cleaning supplies that I will need for the day in a carry-all bin for easy accessibility.

6. Ask for Help
More often than not, help is something we seldom get when cleaning house. Still, it never hurts to ask other members of the household to help with cleaning. And you might be surprised at the responses you will get if you kindly ask for assistance when it comes to certain household chores.

7. Listen to your favorite Music
Music can help with everything and be a great source of inspiration when it comes to doing things we don’t want to do. I can’t tell you how well this works, and how fast it makes the time go by. If you have a CD player, an mp3 player, or a stereo system to play your favorite tunes, go for it! Try getting a groove going when you’re cleaning your house. Dance, when you’re sweeping or vacuuming. Sing whilst scrubbing. Don’t be afraid to let that inner child out and release all that pent up energy and stress outwards to your cleaning activities. If other members of the household are looking at you strangely, let them! They aren’t the ones cleaning nor are they “in the groove”.

8. De-Clutter your Space
Effective cleaning can’t really begin until all spaces have been thoroughly cleaned of excess clutter. This is often a difficult task to accomplish. I often recommend putting things back immediately after they have been used. If you use something make sure to put it back when you’re done with it. This one simple step can save you loads of time having to place things back where they belong days, weeks, or even months later.

9. Alternative Cleaning Methods
Many chemical cleaning supplies purchased in stores can be hazardous to your health. There are many alternative and natural cleaning supplies that you can find in everyday household items that will help you to cut out toxic and hazardous materials in your home. Try using alternative cleaning supplies. More often than not natural cleaning supplies will do just as good a job than standard commercial cleaners.

10. Cleaner Floors
Much of the dirt that our homes accumulate actually lies on our flooring. If you have carpet, then chances are it’s loaded with the dirt that comes off from the soles of our shoes. To avoid this problem and to cut down on the need for vacuuming, consider placing a “no shoes” on carpet rule. This also applies to harder surfaces like laminates, wood flooring, and tile. We can help keep our flooring protected from dirt, scratches, spots, and stains if we just remember to take our shoes off before walking on delicate flooring surfaces.
This list of household cleaning hints should have you on your way to more effective and efficient house cleaning. Not only will this help you get a more organized look at house cleaning but by simply keeping these hints in mind you will make your work a lot easier, cutting down on the stress from constant house cleaning demands.